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2020 Sanitary Sewer Pump Station 33B
Federal Way, WA
Brightwater Aeration Basin Optimization Classifying Selector
King County, WA
Brightwater Mech WO2 Murray CSO Generator Exhaust Pipe Mods
King County, WA
Brightwater Mech WO3 WSPS Force Main Insolation Valve Report
King County, WA
Bull Run
Portland, OR
Carolina Trunk Work Zones 01 & 03 Rehabilitation
Portland, OR
CBWTP Effluent Chanel Wash Water Line Replacement
Portland, OR
Corrosion Control Improvements
Gresham, OR
Downtown Old Town Urgent Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation
Portland, OR
E11173 PAURSS TO06a SE 3rd Ave at SE Belmont Sewer Rehab
Portland, OR
E11224 PAURSS TO 5 SW Washington Park Ave - 10th Sewer Rehab
Portland, OR
E11224 PAURSS TO 5C SW Washington Park Ave - 10th Sewer Rehab
Portland, OR
E11285 PAURSS TO 10b NW Westover & Summit Rehab
Portland, OR
E11340 PAURSS TO09 Design Prep SW Capitol Hill Sewer Rehab
Portland, OR
Forest Lawn Creek Inflow Removal and Outfall Storm Sewer
Omaha, NE
French Valley Recycled Water Distribution Pipeline
Riverside County, CA
Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station - Conveyance
Seattle, WA
Goose Hollow Sewer Rehabilitation
Portland, OR
Jefferson & Hood Street Surface Interceptor
Tacoma, WA
KC Mechanical WO5 Drain Valves for Medina Siphon
King County, WA
Lake Hills Interceptor Rehabilitation Phase II
Bellevue, WA
Lift Station I Replacement - Phase I
Bonsall, CA
Mechanical Construction Work Order
King County, WA
Mechanical Dewatering Improvements & San Dieguito Dam Improvements
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Moreno Valley Regional WRF Tertiary Effluent Equalization
Moreno Valley, CA
Mt. Tabor Yard Maintenance Facility
Portland, OR
Murrieta Road Transmission Pipeline
Menifee, CA
MVRWRF Air Line Rehabilitation
Moreno Valley, CA
North Terminal Utilities Upgrade Project Phase I
Sea-Tac, WA
Parkland Brookdale Interceptor Phase 3
Pierce County, WA
Pearl Street Drainage & Wastewater Improvements Project
Seattle, WA
Perris VAlley Pipeline Interstate 215 Crossing
Riverside, CA
PLM 5.3
Beaverton, OR
Raw Water Intake
Bismarck, ND
Reservoir 1.0 and Pipelines 5.3
Beaverton, OR
Reservoir 3 Structural Design Build
Everett, WA
San Antonio Transmission Water Main - 8th Street, Phase 2
Ontario, CA
SCWQP - Wallingford Conveyance
Seattle, WA
South Satellite Infrastructure Upgrade
Sea-Tac, WA
SR-55/Ritchey Street Water Improvements
Santa Ana, CA
Terminal 1: Vancouver Landing Site and Infrastructure
Vancouver, WA
Tri-City WRRF Solids Handling Improvements
Oregon City, OR
Urgent Wastewater System Repair WO1
King County, WA
Urgent Wastewater System Repair WO3
King County, WA
Urgent Wastewater System Repair WO4
King County, WA
Urgent Wastewater System Repair WO5
King County, WA
US 101 SE 32nd - SE 35th Street
Newport, OR
UWSR WO6 Pulsation Control Assembly at Heathfield Pump Station
King County, WA
UWSR WO7 Repair Underground Room Broken Line
King County, WA
Village 8
Chula Vista, CA
Wastewater Pump Station No. 12 Replacement Project
Redmond, WA
Wastewater System Improvements
Cascade Locks, OR
Wilder Subdivision Phase 2C-2D
Lincoln City, OR
Willamette Water Supply WTP 1.0
Beaverton, OR
Work Order 288 - Fosberg Road Drainage Improvements Project
Lake Oswego, OR
WPTP WO1 Replacement Backup Hydraulic Power Unit
King County, WA
WPTP WO2 Primary Effluent Flowmeter Installation
King County, WA
WPTP WO3 Primary Power Monitoring Improvements & Upgrade
King County, WA
WPTP WO4 IPS#1 Pump & Motor Removal & Reinstallation
King County, WA
WPTP WO5 Vibration Testing Services on OGADS Aerations
King County, WA
WPTP WO6 OGADS VSA Media Storage
King County, WA
WPTP WO7 IPS Pump #1 Discharge Pipe Rehabilitation
King County, WA
WWTP FOG Screening Improvements
Portland, OR


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