South Waterfront Greenway – Central District Improvements

This 100-foot wide regional park extends along the riverbank and near-shore area of the Willamette River for a little over a mile between the Marquam Bridge and an existing trail at John’s Landing. This project also is one of the first in the region to attempt large-scale restoration of a blighted riverbank into functioning habitat for threatened and endangered fish. The park includes a mix of lawn, park and plaza areas, separate asphalt paths for bicycles and concrete pedestrian trails and habitat improvements at the river’s edge, including a shallow gravel bench.

Conditions on this reach of the riverbank were generally characteristic of the degraded conditions found along large floodplain rivers flowing through heavily urbanized landscapes: steep armored banks; dumped industrial debris; scant, mostly non-native vegetation; and remnants of marine industrial dock and berthing structures. The project included removal of deleterious material, reshaping the riverbank slope and upland areas, and revegetation of the banks.

“…I want to tell you how spectacular the riverbank is and to thank you! I also want to commend the workers. They were energetic and focused; the improvements moved along quickly.”

Mary J., Waterfront resident

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