Safety Videos

James W. Fowler Co. is committed to the safety of our employees, and the employees of our clients, subcontractors, subconsultants and the general public. The following safety videos are a resource for training our employees in the common hazards associated with construction. Click on the red title of the video you wish to view.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide in Construction: Portable Gas-Powered Equipment 06:37 Mins EN,SP
Chemical Safety
OSHA Toolkit for Transitioning to Safer Chemicals  01:50 Mins EN
Emergency Washing: It Only Takes a Moment 14:02 Mins EN
Eye Protection
Confined Space
Improper Ventilation Causes Fire in Confined Space 01:39 Mins EN
Painting in Confined Space Causes Fire 02:17 Mins EN
Confined Spaces Deadly Spaces 13:00 Mins EN
Falls in Construction: Floor Openings 03:05 Mins EN, SP
Falls in Construction: Skylights 03:09 Mins EN, SP
Falls in Construction: Fixed Scaffolds 02:59 Mins EN, SP
Falls in Construction: Bridge Decking 03:21 Mins EN, SP
Falls in Construction: Reroofing 03:02 Mins EN, SP
Falls in Construction: Leading Edge Work 03:01 Mins EN, SP
Fall Protection in Construction in Washington State Need to Download
Sprains and Strains: Pulling Cables 02:47 Mins EN, SP
Sprains and Strains: Laying Stone 02:44 Mins EN, SP
Back Your Back : Back & Muscle Injury Prevention
Struck-by Accidents: Vehicle Back-over 03:18 Mins EN, SP
Struck-by Accidents: Swinging Cranes 03:27 Mins EN, SP
Excavation:  Trenching 09:02 Mins EN, SP
Excavation:  Soil Classifications 11:11 Mins EN, SP
Electrocutions:  Work Safely with Cranes near Power Lines 03:52 Mins EN, SP
Construction Safety: Choice or Chance 15:18 Mins EN, SP
Protection in Construction
10:13 Mins EN, SP
Crane Boom Contacts Power Lines, Worker Electrocuted 02:57 Mins EN
Crane Fails, Rigger Struck 02:07 Mins EN
Crane Operations w/o Adequate Clearance Crushes Welder 02:40 Mins EN
Crane Safety Awareness For Site Superintendents 08:10 Mins EN
Diane Lillicrap Discusses the Importance of Crane Safety 03:48 Mins EN
Truck Mounted Crane Crushes Rigger 01:40 Mins EN
Worker Standing in the Bight of Line Struck 03:01 Mins EN
Chainsaw Leg Protection 04:00 Mins EN Need to Download
Chainsaw Safety 11:33 Mins EN
Danger : Chain Saw 28:00 Mins EN Need to Download
Chipping Out the Drum: Safe Work Practices Need to Download
Eye Protection 6:40 Mins EN
Fatality and Serious Injury Investigation Stories Need to Download
Forklift Pedestrian Safety Need to Download
Stay in the Cage : Forklift Safety Video #2 Need to Download
Distracted Driving
Dr. David Michaels Discusses Efforts to Stop Texting While Driving 03:39 Mins EN
Drowning Hazards
Load Disengages from Hook, Worker Falls and Drowns 02:05 Mins EN
Diver Drowns While Making Repair Dive 03:35 Mins EN
Worker Overcome by Carbon Monoxide Drowns 02:17 Mins EN
Ergonomic Programs That Work 21:10 Mins EN
Dr. Ergo 14:08 Mins EN
Ergonomic Programs That Work 21:10 Mins EN
Ergonomics Awareness : For Employees and Supervisors 23:00 Min EN
Prevent Electrocutions: Work Safely with Cranes near Power Lines 03:52 Mins EN, SP
Repair Welder Electrocuted 02:23 Mins EN
Arc Flash Awareness 25:39 Mins EN
Heat Illness
Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers 00:28 Mins EN
Dr. Michaels on the Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers 02:21 Mins EN
Electrical Panel Repair Results in Electrocution 01:56 Mins EN
High Pressure/Temp. Steam Release During Engine Room Repair 02:50 Mins EN
Machine Guarding
Workbench Grinder Wheel Explodes 01:50 Mins EN
Respiratory Protection
Maintenance and Care of Respirators 10:14 Mins EN, SP
Respirator Safety Donning (Putting on) and Doffing (Taking off) and User Seal Checks 09:17 Mins EN, SP
Respirator Types 16:10 Mins EN, SP
Scaffolding Collapse, Welder Falls 01:27 Mins EN
OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust Regulations 18:53 Mins EN

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