Hoffman-Fowler LLC was selected to work with the Willamette Water Supply System Commission to help with the design phase, development of guaranteed maximum price, and construction phase services for Reservoir 1.0 (RES_1.0) and PLM_5.3 of the project as CM/GC. The Willamette Water Supply Program is a partnership between Tualatin Valley Water District, the City of Hillsboro, and the City of Beaverton to develop the mid-Willamette River at Wilsonville as an additional water supply source. This new system, when operational in 2026, will provide a reliable water supply for the region while also helping water system operators balance supply during times of drought or other supply interruptions, and recover more quickly after a large natural disaster.

The RES_1.0 and PLM_5.3 projects are being designed by two different design firms, but will be constructed together under the single CM/GC contract with Hoffman-Fowler LLC. The scope of work incorporates Design Phase services, including: constructability reviews, value engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, and procurement and preconstruction services. The RES _1.0 project consists of a new 15 million gallon pre-stressed concrete water reservoir. The water storage tank is being constructed near the intersection of SW Grabhorn Road and SW Stonecreek Drive and has been coordinated with the PLM_5.3 project. It is anticipated to be complete in spring 2025.

The PLM_5.3 project consists of approximately 21,000 feet of 66-inch diameter welded steel pipeline. The pipeline alignment begins near the intersection of SW Tile Flat and SW Grabhorn Roads, and connects to the PLM_5.2 pipeline to convey treated water to and from the RES_1.0 project. The pipeline also connects to the South Hillsboro Pipeline Project, PLW_1.0.

Construction of the project is coordinated to reduce the impacts on close by neighbors and the traveling public.


Willamette Water Supply System Commission




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