Otay Land Company is developing residential and commercial properties in Chula Vista, CA. There are various water pipelines that traverse the property Otay Land Company is developing and thus need to be moved. The pipelines include the City of San Diego Otay 2nd Pipeline, Otay 3rd Pipeline, and 2 South San Diego Pipeline. All three pipelines deliver potable water to the southern San Diego region. The project showcased over 11,000 LF of large diameter steel pipe installation and involved tunnel abandonment.


Given the project was on a graded site that was awaiting development the rain caused delays. In order to remain safe, James W. Fowler Co. (JWF) crews stopped work for a month and a half as the weather severely impacted the project.

The method used on this project was open-cut. Otay 2nd was comprised of 2,212 LF of 48–inch Cement Mortar Lined and Coated (CML&C) steel pipes and 2,456 LF of 54–inch CML&C steel pipes. Otay 3rd included 1,698 LF of 54–inch CML&C steel pipes. The South San Diego Pipelines included 1,757 LF of 48–inch CML&C steel pipes and 1,843 LF of 48–inch CML&C steel pipes. The existing reservoir saw 157 LF of 42–inch CML&C inlet pipes and 578 LF of 4–inch CML&C outlet pipes. Installing these large-diameter steel pipes was no small feat, JWF crews worked on a small site with various other contractors. There were a total of seven connections to existing lines that required full shutdown of 36–inch to 54–inch waterlines.

A change order created the extension of Otay 2nd by 500 LF that included 48– inch CML&C pipes. Pipe jetting of the 11,285 LF of pipes was required to ensure each pipe was flushed, chlorinated, dechlorinated, and tested. Installation of access manways, 500 LF of 2–inch electrical PVC conduit, seix connections, and butterfly valves were also some of the change orders requested and completed.

JWF worked with multiple stakeholders including public owners, private owners, the general contractor, and the construction manager. While higher specifications of the project after commencement caused change orders and negotiations, the JWF has been able to successfully fulfill the general contractor and owners’ needs. JWF is proud to have worked on a project that will benefit stakeholders of Otay Land Company, LLC, the City of San Diego, and Chula Vista.


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