The Rock Creek Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility provides wastewater treatment for an area west of Portland incorporating portion of the cities of Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha and other nearby areas. Originally constructed in 1977, the plant has continually expanded to keep pace with growth in the community. Today the facility processes 35 mgd of wastewater daily (with capacity of 39 mgd) and produces commercial grade fertilizer and biosolids from the by-products of the treatment process.

The scope of this contract further expands the treatment facility capacity to meet the community needs in the future. The work consisted of two new 50- foot diameter concrete gravity thickeners with mechanisms and odor control covers; two new 50- foot diameter concrete fermenters with mechanisms and odor control covers; one 30 foot (wide) by 200 foot (long) by 16 foot (deep) concrete pump station with six 7.5 HP progressing cavity pumps with variable speed drives, four 15 HP centrifugal pumps with variable speed drives, and four pneumatic diaphragm pumps; a biofilter odor control system including two 30 HP blowers with variable speed drives and media; an HVAC system including two 5 HP exhaust fans, two make-up air units, duct work, and associated controls; modifications to the WAS thickening systems including two 5 HP progressing cavity pumps, two 30 HP progressing cavity pumps, and two 10 HP centrifugal pumps; and odor control covers for the WASSTRIP Release Tank and the Centrate Storage tank.

Additionally, the scope of work also includes furnishing and installing related equipment, piping, HVAC systems, site work, painting, electrical, instrumentation and control, and other appurtenances.


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