The Bull Run watershed is the main water source for the Portland Metro area and due to the pristine nature of the water, no filtration has been needed thus far. In 2006, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2 Rule). The LT2 rule was designed to reduce disease caused by microorganisms in drinking water. In 2017, after a series of Cryptosporidium detection in Bull Run Water, Portland Water Bureau (PWB) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) signed a bilateral compliance agreement to build a Filtration Facility to prevent Cryptosporidium from infecting the drinking water for Portland residents. The agreement included a schedule for the Filtration Facility to be substantially complete by September 30, 2027.

The Pipeline Project is one of the main parts of the collective filtration program. The pipeline is designed to tie the Filtration Facility to the raw water coming from the Bull Run watershed and connect the filtration facility to the existing finished water distribution network. The designed capacity of the pipeline system is aligned for the new 135 mgd Bull Run Filtration Facility. The project will include raw water pipeline, finished water pipeline, back feed line, one new Intertie with an above-ground control building, existing Intertie connections, abandoning conduit between raw water and finished water pipelines connections, connections to the raw and finished water pipeline, maintenance road, erosion and stormwater control, startup and commissioning, and landscaping and site restoration. The raw water pipeline will include installation of approximately 2,100’ of parallel 72” diameter steel pipes via open trench installation with one trenchless crossing, and two tunnels and a 230’ deep shaft. The finished water line is approximately 1.5 miles of primarily 66” diameter steel finished water pipeline, to be
installed using standard open trench method and microtunneling for approximately 500’. The raw water pipeline is being installed via an easement through a property and the majority of finished water pipeline is being installed along roadway right of ways.


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