The City of Portland was dealing with an aging sanitary and storm sewer pipelines, which requires immediate rehabilitation. Due to the nature of the project, The City of Portland needed a contract that would move faster than typical contracts, thus shortening the time to move from Project Identification to Issuance of Notice to Proceed. The urgent issue pressed The City of Portland, who then developed The Price Agreement for Urgent Rehabilitation of Sanitary and Storm Sewers (PAURSS). James W. Fowler Co. was awarded an “on-call” construction contract as well as design phase services.

The PAURSS was a one-year contract which came with the option of two one-year extensions that were ultimately awarded. PAURRS was a cost-effective contract solution for the expedited urgent need for infrastructure rehabilitation. Work orders were issued, each targeting specific sanitary and storm sewer pipelines that needed attention with projects involving open trench and trenchless construction through the city.

Throughout the project, James W. Fowler Co. was given 14 work orders (W/O), listed below.

W/O 1: SE 20th & Haig Sewer Rehabilitation

800 ft of sewer pipelines were rehabilitated using open trench methods. Scope included associated laterals, utility holes, and inlets.

W/O 2: NW Quimby & Raleigh Sewer Replacement

1,100 ft of sewer mainline was replaced using open trench methods.

W/O 3: SE 45th Avenue & Sherman Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewers and utility holes were replaced using open trench methods.

W/O 4: NW Hermosa Blvd & NW Macleay Blvd

Sewer pipes were rehabilitated using Cured-in-Place Pipe Liner. The scope extended to CCTV inspection and roadway improvements.

W/O 5: NW Hemlock & Harrison Sewer Rehabilitation

960 ft of 12-in sewer pipe was installed through pilot tube microtunneling. The project included 48-in utility holes, new and replaced laterals, and abandonment of 200 ft existing 8-in sewer pipes.

W/O 6 & 7: Outfall 33 Sewer Rehabilitation

Assisted with design and constructed 251 ft of 18-in and 114 ft of 14-in vitrified clay pipe installed via pilot tube microtunneling. 25 ft of 12-in PVC by open trench and 30 ft of 12-in PVC via pipe jacking. The project also included three 60-in utility holes and one inlet.

W/O 8: Industrial St, East of 28th Avenue

James W. Fowler Co. provided consultation for the design of the rehabilitated sewer pipelines.

W/O 9: SW Yamhill/Morrison – SW 1st/13th Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewer pipes were rehabilitated, and roadways improved.

W/O 10,12&14: SW Alder, Oak & Taylor

Assisted with design and rehabilitation of 263 ft of 16-in, 272 ft of 12-in, and 262 ft of 21-in VSP sewer pipelines using Cured-in-Place pipe liner.

W/O 11&13: N.Schmeer & Vancouver Sewer Rehabilitation

Assisted with the design and rehabilitation of sewer pipes using Cured-in-Place pipe liner.


City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services




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