The City of Portland, like many municipalities, is dealing with aging sanitary and storm sewer pipelines. The City decided to implement a new method of contract procurement that would address projects that were urgent but not emergencies with task orders to address these small projects that could move quickly from project identification to Notice to Proceed. The Price Agreement for Urgent Rehabilitation of Sanitary and Storm Sewers (PAURSS) was developed and JWF was issued the first contract.

The PAURSS was a one-year contract which came with the option of two one-year extensions that were ultimately awarded. PAURSS was a cost-effective contract solution for the expedited urgent need for infrastructure rehabilitation. Task orders were issued, each targeting specific sanitary and storm sewer pipelines that needed attention with projects involving open trench and trenchless construction through the city.

A second contract was issued in 2018 and JWF was also successfully awarded that contract and the optional two one-year extensions. JWF offered constructability reviews, design input, estimating services, and construction for nearly 30 task orders over the two PAURSS contracts.



City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services




Alternative Delivery, Sewer & Water Pipelines