The State of Oregon’s Department of Transportation (ODOT), along with various stakeholders, generated a Monmouth Transportation System Plan Update, prepared by Kittelson and Associates, Inc., in 2009. The plan provided analysis and recommended planning strategies to improve transportation within the City of Monmouth. JWF was selected as the general contractor to assist in improving Pacific Highway West (OR-99W) between Hoffman Road and the City of Monmouth.

The Pacific Highway West deteriorated over time and required upgrades. One of the main improvements encompassed grinding and repaving the highway. After cold plane pavement removal, JWF ensured subgrade stabilization and performed pavement repairs. The team constructed a roadbed, completed an aggregate base, and topped it with asphalt concrete pavement. A big part of the improvement included the addition of pedestrian access ramps, driveways, sidewalks, and crosswalks that met current design and ADA standards; this included reducing slopes to comply with ADA standards.

This was a two season project that involved multiple JWF crews and various shifts to expedite the work and minimize disruption to traffic. The project included complex traffic and pedestrian staging and access, a complete replacement of the city storm drainage system, new ADA compliant walks, ramps and driveways, as well as planters and pedestrian refuges throughout the town. Temporary and new permanent traffic signals were added along with new street lights, planting strips, hi-profile striping, and retaining walls.

JWF added bike lanes with proper striping and maintained continuous two-way left turn lanes. Striping was challenging as the team worked through windows of constantly changing weather conditions. Landscaping was added and maintained between the highway and pedestrian walkways on certain sections of the highway. To accommodate larger vehicles, the curb radius was increased. Subsequently, all traffic signals were relocated and replaced to facilitate the movement of trucks. Upgrades to storm sewers and bioswales ensure proper drainage from the highway.

The project successfully widened highway 99W’s shoulder lanes in both directions and included 4.5 feet of depth. The team worked diligently to fully widen Highway 99 through the town with traffic and under tight timelines.

This project met all of the interim construction mile stones, routed pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety throughout the project, was completed on schedule and under budget, all while meeting various state and federal diversity requirements including EEO and TERO.


Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)