The Monument and Kimberly Bridges, located in remote eastern Oregon, each span the North Fork John Day River. Both bridges were built in the 1930s and this contract replaces the Monument Bridge and improves/modernizes the Kimberly Bridge.

The Kimberly Bridge contract work included removing the two existing wood approach spans and replacing them with new driven pile foundations, concrete pile caps, and precast prestressed box beams; microsilica concrete overlayment of the remaining deck spans; removal and replacement of the steel bridge rail; and appurtenant roadway and right-of-way features.

The Monument Bridge contract work involved construction & removal of a contractor-designed steel detour bridge including in-water pile driving and over-water steel erection; removal of the existing Monument bridge; construction of a new structural concrete bridge including driven pile foundations, drilled shaft foundations, and precast prestressed girders; and appurtenant roadway and right-of-way features.

In addition, the scope of work included traffic control; erosion, sediment, and pollution control; work containment systems for environmental permit compliance; marine sound attenuator for protection of aquatic organisms during in-water pile driving; detour bridge construction including in-water pile driving and over-water steel erection; bridge demolition; pile driving in 25-feet of water including 24 driven piles (8 ea. HP14 x 89, and 16 ea. PP20x 0.375) for the Monument temporary detour bridge, 20 driven piles (HP12 x 74 ASTM A572 Grade 50) for the new Monument bridge, and eight driven piles (PP10.75 x 0.500 ASTM 252 Grade 3) for the new Kimberly bridge; and structural concrete bridge construction (including prestressed members).


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