North City Water District serves approximately 25,000 people within the cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, covering an area roughly five square miles. The district relies mainly on gravity to move water throughout the district. The new pump station helps move water through the system while maintaining adequate pressure to meet fire flow and water pressure needs throughout the District. It also ensures the District can meet anticipated future development needs from new light rail stations in the area.

The new 3,000 gpm potable water pump station was built in a residential area on the site of an existing pump station. The new facility included horizontal end suction and vertical turbine pumps controlled by variable speed drives; a 2,400 square foot building including bridge crane, surge protection; instrumentation and controls. The project also included water system yard piping; new reservoir check valves in an underground vault; a joint utility trench for on-site power and telecommunication utilities; side sewer installation and tie-in to adjacent property; relocation and use of the existing emergency generator; demolition of the existing pump station, building, equipment, piping and appurtenances; site fencing; site storm water improvements; and site landscaping. A gravel access road around the existing 3.7MG Reservoir was also constructed.

Additional expansion of the distribution system located in the vicinity of the pump station included replacement and upsizing of an existing 8-inch water main with new 12-inch water main and appurtenances. Work included removal of the existing check valve and replacement and relocation with a new check valve and associated piping revisions to connect to the new/relocated check valve. The project also included pavement patching and overlay of the existing District access road between 15th Avenue NE and the pump station site, 15th Avenue NE roadway and other right of way and private property restoration.


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