The Moreno Valley Regional Water Reclamation project was awarded to J.W. Fowler in June 2021 by the Eastern Municipal Water District in Riverside County, California.

As the general contractor for the project, JWF, will provide upgrades to the existing facilities and ensure maintenance is performed on air lines that have been leaking due to corrosion. A new tie in manifold will also be built to support the new purification tanks.

The work includes replacement of aeration air piping, demolition of two air compressors, and demolition of piping located both inside and adjacent to the Plant 2 Power and Blower building. Our team will perform all construction and modifications of the existing facilities. We will install the new aeration piping, supports, and associated support systems to create a fully functional and operational facility. Our team will also excavate the buried 36-inch aeration air header and make it safe for corrosion testing.

Procurement of materials due to material shortage, increased material cost, and long lead times is a challenge our team is facing. Understanding the challenge, our team started the procurement process earlier than normal and is leveraging existing supplier relationships.


Eastern Municipal Water District




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