The City of Portland is known for its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, and the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant (CBWTP) Co-Generation Plant is just the latest in the City’s efforts to promote energy efficient operations.

The Co-Generation Facility project included installation of two 850 kW generators; process piping and equipment to allow harvesting of gas from existing digesters and processing of gas through the treatment equipment; construction of buildings to house the two generators and associated control system components; installation of significant electrical, instrumentation and controls; and start-up and testing to fine tune the system.

During construction of the project, it was determined that the existing digester heat exchangers were inadequately sized and did not allow the heating water reservoir loop (HRR/HRS) to operate at a lower temperature to fully recover heat from the engine generators. JWF helped facilitate field engineering solutions with the City to include installation of four replacement digester spiral heat exchangers.


City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services




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