The City of Tigard purchases water from the City of Portland and stores it in the 10 MG reservoir and transfer pump station which serves as the central hub for the water system. The project was designed to provide a new, reliable, and energy-efficient pump station to serve dual pressure zones in Tigard.

The scope of work included the construction of a transfer pump station on the City’s 10 MG reservoir site, valve vault replacement, reservoir improvements, a meter vault, and site improvements consisting of frontage improvements, street rehabilitation, and landscaping.

The pump station construction included deep suction piping and concrete basement structure, valve appurtenances, the installation of six new vertical turbine pumps, a CMU pump station structure, HVAC improvements, and the installation of electrical equipment.

The valve vault replacement consisted of a deep valve vault concrete structure to replace an existing valve vault adjacent to the existing reservoir.

Reservoir improvements included inlet and outlet piping modifications, interior ladder replacement, a new vent system including the abandonment of the existing vent system and reservoir roof and wall recoating systems.

Site improvements included frontage improvements along Bull Mountain Road including the construction of a 6-foot wide sidewalk, an accessible ADA ramp, a private drive entrance to SW 125th Avenue, landscaping improvements, and the construction of an architectural wall along the south and west sides of the City’s property.

Other improvements included pavement rehabilitation along SW 125th Avenue and existing utility relocations. The scope also included a new backup power generator, electrical and instrumentation, and control improvements.

This project was funded with federal funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Load Fund (SDWRLF).


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