North City Pump Station

Serving roughly 5 square miles with approximately 25,000 people within the cities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, the North City Water District has been relying on gravity to distribute water throughout the district. The city was anticipating an increase in future demand with the new light rail stations to be built in the area. Though a great cost-efficient way to distribute water, the water district would not be able to maintain the system with growth and the need to comply with various regulations. The fact made the North City Water District turned their heads to pumps and was convinced that their water district needed improvements to their pumps to reduce their reliance on gravity.

The North City Water District installed a new 3,000 GPM potable pump station, which they call the “heart” of their water distribution. The heart which will distribute water more efficiently throughout the district, maintaining adequate pressures throughout the district. The sustained water pressure will meet fire flow and water pressure needs for the region as well as the anticipation of increased future demand with the new light rail stations to be built in the area.

JWF was selected as a general contractor for the project to build the new pump station, which is located on the site of the existing pump station. The new pump station included a 2,400 sqft building, horizontal end suction, and vertical turbine pumps controlled by variable speed drives, bridge crane, surge protection, and the associated instrumentation and controls. The project also entail a water system yard piping, new reservoir check valves in an underground vault with joint utility trench for on-site power and telecommunication utilities, side sewer installation, tie-in to adjacent properties, relocation and use of existing emergency generation, demolition of existing pump station, building, equipment, piping appurtenances, site fencing, site water improvements, site landscaping, and finally the construction of a gravel access road to the 3.7 MG reservoir.

Aside from the pump station, JWF was also responsible for expanding the distribution system located in the vicinity of the pump station. Some of the items included replacing and upsizing the 8-in water main to a new 12-in water main and appurtenances. Removing, replacing, and relocating existing check valves with a new check valve; this included an associated piping revision to connect to the new check valve. To conclude the project, we also patched pavements and overlay of district access roads located between 15th Avenue NE and the pump station site, 15th Avenue NE roadway, and private property restoration.

North City Water District had been anticipating the new pump, and it brought them pride to have the new pump installed for their water district. The project was handed over in August 2017, and in October of the same year, the water district named the pump station North City/Denny Clouse Pump Station after the most dedicated employee, Denny Clouse.