JWF Co. recognized by industry experts for excellence in concrete craftsmanship as showcased with Fulton Pump Station Replacement project.

James W. Fowler Co. was honored with two awards given by The Oregon Chapter of the American Concrete Institute and the Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association. The organizations recognize companies that show exemplary use of concrete in design, construction, paving and landscaping. The James W. Fowler Co. team showcased concrete craftsmanship on the Fulton Pump Station Replacement project earning them the Excellence in Concrete: ‘Judge’s Choice Award’ and ‘Craftsmanship Award.’

As the City of Portland anticipates an increase in demand for water supply, the Fulton Pump Station replacement was far more than a quick pipe or pump replacement. The project entailed improving the original 1922 pump station, constructing the new Hannah Mason Pump Station, installing multiple pipe works and providing connection to the Washington County Supply Lines. All work was completed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to the city and its residents.

City of Portland residents now benefit from increased pumping capacity to meet current and future water demands in a sophisticated and aesthetic way. Concrete craftsmanship was visually highlighted in this project with the new Hannah Mason Pump Station. The new building seamlessly blends into its Willamette Park surroundings with just the right amount of corrugated and smooth concrete textures and colors.

The JWF Co. team is honored to have been recognized for their efforts.