Rosie the Riveter represented women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. As men were called to join the military, women were called on to take the place of men and the jobs they left behind. During this time women worked to produce war material. As men returned from the war and reintegrated back to the jobs they once held, women returned to the more traditional roles.

Today, it is still commonplace for us to think of traditional roles for men and women. When we think of a male-dominated industry, construction may be one that quickly comes to mind. While this may be the case we must not overlook the women who work in our blue-collar industry. Women comprise only 10.3% of the construction industry’s workforce. Of that 10.3%, only one of every 100 women works in the field. Women make up 47% of all employed individuals and only about 1.25% of women in the workforce work in the construction industry. It is safe to say we have room to welcome more skilled women onto our teams!

Valuing diversity and inclusion at James W. Fowler Co., we continually work to encourage, mentor and strengthen the women on our teams. From interns to highly skilled tradeswomen, engineers, supervisors, and project managers, we value the perspective and knowledge these female counterparts bring. Diversity in thought makes us a stronger and more able team.

We encourage anyone reading this, especially women, not to be afraid to take the next step! The construction industry has the potential of being a great career path for individuals willing to put in a little bit of work. Below are a few resources to get you started.