Major: Mining Engineering
I started pursuing my degree in mining because I have some family in construction and have always been interested in underground. When I began taking some classes involving tunneling it cemented my interest in underground construction and tunneling.

School: Colorado School of Mines
I relocated to SoCal from Colorado, which was a large transition for me. However, I had resources and help from JWF to make sure I got here so I could start working.

Graduation: Spring 2022

How would you explain a typical day as a JWF intern?

I would start out my day with some general daily tasks, timesheets, daily reports, general administrative tasks. Then I would take care of my geotechnical tasks, taking measurements and getting those relayed to subcontractors and the Owner. From there, I would either be helping in the field or in the office, doing material buyout or other tasks required for the project I was working on.

What have you learned during your time here?
I have learned a lot about the construction process just through my own curiosity. I’ve gotten a chance to understand the differences in project delivery methods, have seen what preconstruction means, and how plans and specs pertain to a final product, etc.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the internship so far?
Adjusting from the mining industry to the construction industry has been the most challenging aspect of the internship.

What has helped you succeed through the challenges?
My coworkers and superiors always had opportunities for me to get experience in something I had never seen. From preconstruction to materials, to documents and submittals, I was able to get hands-on with a lot of different processes and procedures associated with construction.

Would you recommend the internship program to other students looking to gain experience?
Absolutely. This was a wonderful experience for me.

How would you describe the culture at JWF?</p
JWF is family-oriented. Every team member is vital to what goes on and things are well taken care of internally. At the same time, they are very goal-oriented and driven. They always work to make sure their project is progressing and adjusting to make sure that it can continue to operate.

What’s one really cool thing you are working on right now or plan to work on before your internship is over?
Currently, I am working on the Murrieta Rd. Transmission Pipeline. The great part of this experience is that I get to see the tunneling from start to finish. I saw the pits dug, Geotech installed, the start of the tunnel, and the breakthrough at the end.

If you had a time machine, would you travel to the future or back to the past?
I would travel to the past. I want to keep what’s coming up in the future as a surprise.