Nacimiento Intake Unit A

The Nacimiento Intake Unit A project consisted of three main components – the microtunnel boring machine launch shaft, microtunnel and intake pipe – for a raw water conveyance system for San Luis Obispo County and various other stakeholders in the surrounding area.


Nacimiento Intake Unit A(1) Nacimiento Intake Unit A(2)


JWF launched a 54-inch Soltau slurry microtunnel machine from the 183-foot deep and 23-foot diameter shaft. The 54-inch diameter steel–lined microtunnel ran approximately 525 feet into Lake Nacimiento. After constructing a shelf for the tunnel machine to rest on as it exited the tunnel, recovery of the machine was accomplished with barge-mounted equipment and divers in up to 150 feet of water.

Lake Nacimiento and the surrounding tribal lands hold special cultural significance to Native American tribes in the area. At the project’s ground-breaking ceremony, Salinan Tribe members were present to offer a blessing for the project. When construction was complete, JWF received a commendation from the Salinan Tribe for our care and respect of the lake and the immediate area.