James W. Fowler Co. & Safety

James W. Fowler Co. is committed to providing a safe working environment. The prevention of accidents is a key element that is required to protect the safety and health of our employees. The responsibility for accident prevention is shared at every level in the organization, from the president to our talented craft personnel. It is every employee’s duty and responsibility to follow safe procedures and practices; correct unsafe conditions wherever they exist, and to care for their fellow employees.

Our firm has a comprehensive safety program that includes a Safety Committee that consists of members of Management and craft personnel. This effective joint commitment enables the committee to be a constructive entity, which provides guidance and leadership in matters pertaining to the overall health and safety of the company.

We take pride in our Safety Committee and appreciate the members who serve on the committee for their personal commitment. By encouraging and providing our employees with the opportunity to serve on the committee, we encompass our workforce with our safe working philosophy.

Education and training is another integral part of our safety program. We believe that a continuous training program heightens awareness and reinforces safe working practices.

Our approach is to establish on-site training sessions, as well as regularly scheduled training classes in a variety of safety categories. The issuance and re-newel of certifications is ensured and networking opportunities are utilized whenever possible. Safety is emphasized at the pre-planning stage of every job and continues with weekly Safety Talks held at the job site. We have also enhanced our weekly Safety Talks by providing training videos for viewing or by inviting a qualified trainer to the job site for interaction with employees about their specific tasks at hand.

James W. Fowler Co. is aware that through proper training and a qualified workforce, the application of safe work practices exists.

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