Select Projects

Willamette River Crossing

For over 100 years the Portland Water Bureau has successfully supplied growing Portland communities with safe water. The Bureau supplies water to both eastern and western communities by utilizing six pipelines that cross the Willamette River either by being suspended under a bridge or by crossing under the river itself. The Willamette River Crossing (WRX) … Continue reading Willamette River Crossing

Fulton Pump Station Replacement

A city’s growth comes with an increase in water demand. The City of Portland is anticipating an increase in water demand and is improving one of the most crucial aspects, water pumps. The Fulton Pump Station feeds water throughout the city; however, since its inception in 1922, only the pump has been expanded. The City … Continue reading Fulton Pump Station Replacement

North Creek Interceptor Sewer Completion

The North Creek Interceptor Sewer is a 2-mile pipeline that has served the Bothell area continuously since 1970. This sewer line has been generally well utilized; however, recent issues with the sewer as well as anticipation for population growth pushed King County to improve its water and sewage infrastructure. One of the projects was the … Continue reading North Creek Interceptor Sewer Completion

OHSU Center for Health & Healing South D/B Tunnel

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is a well known academic institution providing comprehensive health care service as well as educating health professionals and scientists on leading-edge patient care, community service, and biomedical research. OHSU has been doing much good for the area through medical support and is involved in numerous researches, including cancer research. … Continue reading OHSU Center for Health & Healing South D/B Tunnel