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OHSU Center for Health & Healing South D/B Tunnel

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is a well known academic institution providing comprehensive health care service as well as educating health professionals and scientists on leading-edge patient care, community service, and biomedical research. OHSU has been doing much good for the area through medical support and is involved in numerous researches, including cancer research. … Continue reading OHSU Center for Health & Healing South D/B Tunnel

UV Treatment Facility

In the summer of 2013, the City of Baker City had a cryptosporidium outbreak in their water supply. Baker City residents drink unfiltered surface water and a new water treatment facility was required to meet Environmental Protection Agency Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment rules requiring removal or disinfection of cryptosporidium by October 1, … Continue reading UV Treatment Facility

South Waterfront Greenway – Central District Improvements

This 100-foot wide regional park extends along the riverbank and near-shore area of the Willamette River for a little over a mile between the Marquam Bridge and an existing trail at John’s Landing. This project also is one of the first in the region to attempt large-scale restoration of a blighted riverbank into functioning habitat … Continue reading South Waterfront Greenway – Central District Improvements

Balch Consolidation Conduit Shafts & Pipelines

The Balch Consolidation Conduit Shafts and Pipelines project (“Balch”) was a key component of the City’s Controlled Sewer Ooverflow program and required installation of 8,000 feet of 84-inch and 54-inch diameter pipes via microtunneling at depths of 20 to 75 feet to carry sewage and stormwater runoff from the Balch Drainage Basin to the West … Continue reading Balch Consolidation Conduit Shafts & Pipelines

Wilder Project Group

40th Street Improvement South Beach Village Subdivision Lost Creek Subdivision Wilder Subdivision This major mixed-use development in Newport, Oregon on the central Oregon coast is a 200-acre sustainable community bordering the campus of the Oregon Coast Community College. Eventually, the project will include specialty shops, parks, apartments, cottages and single-family homes. With multiple stakeholders – … Continue reading Wilder Project Group