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Willamette River Crossing

Design phaseThe project is currently in the exploration/design phase. Along with utility locates, site exploration, and soil testing, this phase included conducting a geotechnical probe. The probe provided essential information on how the geology beneath the river will impact construction. Conducting the geotechnical probe helped us determine the best tools to use for the future pipeline and the best … Continue reading Willamette River Crossing

OHSU Center for Health & Healing South D/B Tunnel

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is a well known academic institution providing comprehensive health care service as well as educating health professionals and scientists on leading-edge patient care, community service, and biomedical research. OHSU has been doing much good for the area through medical support and is involved in numerous researches, including cancer research. … Continue reading OHSU Center for Health & Healing South D/B Tunnel

UV Treatment Facility

In the summer of 2013, the City of Baker City had a cryptosporidium outbreak in their water supply. Baker City residents drink unfiltered surface water and a new water treatment facility was required to meet Environmental Protection Agency Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment rules requiring removal or disinfection of cryptosporidium by October 1, … Continue reading UV Treatment Facility

South Waterfront Greenway – Central District Improvements

This 100-foot wide regional park extends along the riverbank and near-shore area of the Willamette River for a little over a mile between the Marquam Bridge and an existing trail at John’s Landing. This project also is one of the first in the region to attempt large-scale restoration of a blighted riverbank into functioning habitat … Continue reading South Waterfront Greenway – Central District Improvements

Balch Consolidation Conduit Shafts & Pipelines

The Balch Consolidation Conduit Shafts and Pipelines project (“Balch”) was a key component of the City’s Controlled Sewer Overflow program and required installation of 8,000 feet of 84-inch and 54-inch diameter pipes via microtunneling at depths of 20 to 75 feet to carry sewage and stormwater runoff from the Balch Drainage Basin to the West … Continue reading Balch Consolidation Conduit Shafts & Pipelines

Wilder Project Group

40th Street Improvement South Beach Village Subdivision Lost Creek Subdivision Wilder Subdivision This major mixed-use development in Newport, Oregon on the central Oregon coast is a 200-acre sustainable community bordering the campus of the Oregon Coast Community College. Eventually, the project will include specialty shops, parks, apartments, cottages and single-family homes. With multiple stakeholders – … Continue reading Wilder Project Group