Gain hands-on experience, learn from specialty experts, and make a difference in the community you're working with. As a J.W. Fowler intern, you will be assigned to a project in one of our regions. Becoming familiar with a variety of project management assistance and field activities over the course of your internship will anchor classroom education to real field experience.

When you tap into the collective knowledge of our team, you will be learning from some of the best in the industry. If you’re passionate about being a part of something bigger than yourself, collaborating with a team, and truly making a difference, connect with us! Send us a message or find us at a career fair near you!

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I started this internship with knowledge of a different type of construction and very little knowledge in the Tunnelling process. The JWF Team made it their mission to teach me the whole entire process from building client-contractor relationships to the permitting process, all the way to the operation process to building the work. I would recommend this experience to anyone.
Greg T.
Louisiana Tech University, JWF Intern '23
I’ve gotten a great look into how the construction industry operates. I’ve gotten a lot of experience with civil engineering, and I’ve seen how mechanical engineering can be applied to tunneling and related machinery.
Lucas C.
Colorado School of Mines, JWF Intern '23