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We can self-perform the installation, repair, rehabilitation, and maintenance of all deep sewer and water pipelines from small 2-inch PVC to 66-inch welded steel. Our expertise includes most underground construction methods, including excavation, trench shoring, shaft shoring, and pipe fitting. From installing gravity and force main pipelines to residential laterals and other types of underground utility infrastructure, we build projects that communities rely on.


On the Pearl St. project, I found James W. Fowler Co. to be proactive in identifying issues before they became problems, dedicated to listening to and addressing the concerns of the neighboring community, organized by providing timely and complete submittals as well as accurate schedule updates, and cooperative with SPU in resolving changes quickly and efficiently.
Bobby Jones
Supervising Construction Engineer, Seattle Public Utilities
On the Citywide project, the Fowler team repaired, rehabilitated, and constructed new combination sewer, sanitary sewer, and interceptors in fifty different locations in residential and commercial neighborhoods throughout Portland. The Fowler team received multiple compliments from businesses and residents in the area for their willingness to ensure access for those affected by the project. The Fowler team consistently puts the project's needs first and is considerate to the public. I would highly recommend working with the Fowler team.
Don Poletski
City of Portland Construction Manager
PAURSS Contract projects with James W. Fowler have resulted in fewer design flaws and fewer design modification change orders. It has also strengthened the rapport and team building between the Owner’s stakeholders and the Contractor.
J’reyesha (Jay) Brannon
Senior Engineering Associate
I found James W. Fowler Co. to be a true and valued partner by identifying project challenges and offering innovative solutions, often prior to the beginning of construction, and without impacting the successful and timely completion of the project.
Marty Noble
King County Construction Manager (Retired)

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