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We have a wide range of diversity, resources, and knowledge that enable us to build virtually any project. Even if projects don’t fall into a specific division, it doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t provide the focus we offer to our core capabilities. With experience in constructing and remodeling fish hatcheries, fish passage facilities, dam improvements, parks, and airport facility improvements, our team excels when the project is challenging!


I worked closely with JW Fowler construction leads at Leach Garden’s Upper Garden Project. Due to the COVID pandemic, JW Fowler undertook tactics to allow them to work safely through the problems. Some subcontractors were forced to slow their work because of covid; Fowler did not. Faced with labor and material challenges because of the crisis, Fowler adapted quickly and made progress. The relationship with Leach Garden staff was anchored in candid, weekly, problem-solving meetings using project planning tools. Fowler’s team met the challenges this posed with a positive spirit. They always kept the larger goals in focus.
David Porter
Leach Botanical Garden

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