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At J.W. Fowler, our roots run deep along the Pacific Coast. We value the input of everyone on our team and are grateful for the hard-working, blue-collar people who keep things moving forward. Our diverse experiences and combined efforts make up the formula for success—the formula our clients value when searching for lasting solutions. We plan so that our work—and our relationships—will endure.

Our Mission

We’re here to build. We build the necessary foundations so our communities can grow and thrive into the future. We believe everything starts at the foundation—and there is no stronger foundation to build on than integrity.


Staying Focused on What Matters

At J.W. Fowler nothing even comes close to the importance we place on safety. Getting the job done well means working safely. At every level of our company, from the field to the office, we strive to implement safety practices that are intertwined with a genuine, positive culture of safety. Excellence in safety is something we take to heart.



Diverse Teams, Better Solutions

At J.W. Fowler we’re convinced that we need many perspectives to succeed, and that philosophy is reflected in our hiring. Complex challenges require complex thinking, diverse experiences, and the ability to find solutions by gathering input from numerous sources. From our skilled laborers and craft workers to our Senior Project Managers, we embody what it means to be a diverse and inclusive company.

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Partnering to Achieve Results

Whether you are a newcomer to the construction industry or an established enterprise, we value each of our partners and hold them in high regard. We enjoy working with local companies that are dedicated to the growth and improvement of our regions. Great project culture is built by equal respect for all and maintaining communication among the team members.

When it comes to sharing ideas and perspectives, we are deeply committed to a level of inclusion in the workplace that accurately reflects all those who call the West Coast home. We have pledged to enact the Safe from Hate Jobsite Culture Pledge and Zero Tolerance and Accountability Policy. We believe this step will further cultivate a more respectful workplace culture for all of our employees; especially those from the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Equipment Division

A Large Inventory and the Team to Handle it

In addition to a specialized team of mechanics, technicians, and welders, we have an enormous inventory when it comes to specialized equipment. Keeping the resources and skills within our own company means we can quickly access the tools and knowledge necessary to solve your problems.

Whether that's fabricating a new part, or bringing a specialized piece of big iron to the job site, you can count on us for direct access to the resources you need.


City Council made note of [J.W. Fowler's] achievements surrounding your DMWESB participation numbers. The City is grateful for your continued partnership on construction projects, and your acknowledgment of the importance of minority subcontractors to help you with those projects.

Celeste King
Procurement Supervisor for Construction

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