Integrity When It Matters Most

When it comes to building on integrity, Safety is our number one priority. We value our team’s wellness and foster a healthy environment where our workforce will thrive.

We have a comprehensive safety program that includes a committee made up of management and craft personnel. This joint commitment is a constructive entity, providing guidance and leadership on the overall health and safety of the company.

Our Safety Values


Deliberate in Action


Personal Accountability


Continually Learning


Safety Practices You Can See, Touch, and Hear

We don’t rely on theory when it comes to safety. Preventing accidents and injuries is a key element of a healthy work environment, but safe practices aren’t developed by studying alone. That’s why engaging with our teams and representing all aspects of our company on our safety committee is crucial—it enables us to empathize with every point of view and develop solutions and training that work in real-time.

Our ongoing safety education is an integral part of the way we operate. It includes on-site training, as well as regular intervals of classroom training that address a variety of safety topics. We monitor certification to ensure that each employee’s renewal takes place before a qualification expires. Networking opportunities are used whenever possible, and we emphasize safety prior to starting each job. We provide task-specific training live and via video whenever possible.

Through proper training and a qualified workforce, a dynamic, effective, safety program becomes a practical reality.


The safety culture that James W. Fowler Company is actively cultivating stems from genuine care and concern for its employee's wellbeing. I think the employees recognize and appreciate this type of culture and it allows employee participation to flourish.
Greg Kolb
Project Manager, Industrial Division
Fowler is the safest company I've ever worked for. We talk about safety every morning and we practice it every day. It's always on your mind.
Don Hagaman
I have worked at James W. Fowler for nearly 20 years and have witnessed an evolving positive improvement in the safety culture including training, awareness, and commitment to safety.
Dave Dallons

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