Ordinary Beginnings

Jim and Candace Fowler from Dallas, Oregon helped begin a partnership in 1972, F&F Dozing. Starting with a single bulldozer, Jim built logging and farming roads in the Coast Range of western Oregon. In 1977, the Fowler’s bought out the partnership and incorporated James W. Fowler Co.

The Next Generation

After adding some equipment to his fleet, Jim began performing work for various counties throughout the state of Oregon. The Fowler kids grew up working alongside their parents. Joining field crews every summer, Jim and Candace’s son, John, learned to labor, operate, and what it means to be blue-collar proud. Working his way through the company, John discovered a passion for tunneling and trenchless work.

Opportunity for Growth

Opportunities for growth and a call from clients to have J.W. Fowler solve difficult challenges led to regional offices in Seattle and San Diego. Larger projects started to fill the company’s portfolio throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Mastering Tunneling and Trenchless

J.W. Fowler performed their deepest microtunnel boring drive at a 183-foot depth on the Nacimiento Intake Unit A project. This project also included the first marine recovery of a tunnel machine by J.W. Fowler. At the project’s groundbreaking ceremony, Salinan Tribe members were present to offer a blessing for the project. When construction was complete, J.W. Fowler received a commendation from the Salinan Tribe for our care and respect of the lake and the immediate area.

USA Record-Breaking

J.W. Fowler continued setting personal records with 8,036-feet of microtunnel work on the Balch Consolidation Conduit project but then took it one step further by performing their first curved drive. On the Santa Ana River Interceptor Mainline project, J.W. Fowler value-engineered a microtunnel project that saved the client over $1 million. Fowler's approach reduced the tunneling schedule by 20%, was the first North American compound “S” curve drive, the first project in the USA to have two curved drives, the longest USA compound curved drive, and the first to use the Jackcontrol hydraulic joint system with real-time monitoring. The Ballard Siphon Replacement project saw the first use of a Herrenknecht AG Vertical Shaft Machine in North America and became J.W. Fowler’s longest single microtunnel drive. The project included 2,100-feet of 114-inch segmentally lined tunnel with a 85.5-inch diameter final liner and cellular grout backfill of the annular space.

Big Dreams, Big Responsibilities

Today, J.W. Fowler, is a diversified general contractor providing heavy civil and tunneling construction solutions for municipalities, agencies, and private owners across the West Coast and beyond. Our humble beginnings, core values, and amazing team have allowed for the growth and legacy we’ve built. J.W. Fowler is a place where challenges are met with ingenuity—and we’re just getting started.


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